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Decentralized perpetual contracts with



Advantages of


vAMM + Oracle price disovery

Significantly reduce position funding rates

Dynamic MM Mechanism

Remarkably increase the capital efficiency by up to 4,000 times

15x Leverage

Greater capital efficiency

Lower Funding Rates

With vAMM+Oracle dual price discovery mechanism, Keeping contract prices close to spot prices is guaranteed by external price feeding instead of funding rates.

Proactive Market Maker bots

Setup bots for arbitrage between sakeperp and CeFi platforms such as FTX/Binance to avoid MM exposure losses and capture benefits from different price discoveries.

Optional liquidity provider exposure

Liquidity providers can take the dynamic price difference between oracle and AMM positions. Even if all liquidity is withdrawn from sakeperp, trading will not be affected.

Sake token buy-backs

The 50% transaction fee will be used to buy-back Sake token and lock them as insurance funds in future. It will help all the sake holders capture the SakePerp value.

SakePerp Statistics

24h Trade Volume

24h Trades

Total Liquidity


On-chain SakePerp System

How it works

Market Makers

Market Makers provide liquidity for the SakePerp system as well as earn rewards for the protocol development. In the meantime, MMs will take the risk of the price difference between oracle price and AMM price.


Traders can easily take a long or short position with max 15x leverage.

The Liquidator

The liquidator will earn a certain percentage of the user’s remaining position margin as the liquidation service charge. Liquidation occurs when the trader’s position margin falls below the maintenance margin.

SAKE holders

SAKE holders can continue earning benefits from the 50% transaction fee to buy-back Sake and lock them as insurance funds.

Price discovery with

vAMM + Oracle


SakePerp starts with vAMM curve price equal to Oracle price.


Before Oracle price updates again, the transaction price will be decided by the virtual AMM curve x * y = K, which is the same as Uniswap.


After the Oracle price is updated, the curve will update to the latest oracle price. Then new transactions will start from the latest Oracle price again.

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